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<center>API Documentation</center>

API Documentation

Check out our interactive API documentation

<center>API Versioning</center>

API Versioning

API version changes

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Netilion Help & Learning

Check out our Tips & Tutorials, Getting Started guides and Troubleshooting

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API News

Feature changes for the current API version

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Netilion Guides and Documentation

<center>Authentication & Authorization</center>

Authentication & Authorization

Learn how each single request to Netilion API is authenticated and checked for authorization



Worried about privacy and confidentiality?
No reason for this, read to know why ;-)

<center>Plant Life Cycle Objects</center>

Plant Life Cycle Objects

Explanations on each business object,
how to create them, dependencies...

<center>Data Model</center>

Data Model

Detailed data structure within the
Netilion Hub

<center>Best Practice</center>

Best Practice

Use the best practice instructions
to start efficiently

<center>Sample Requests</center>

Sample Requests

Examples of different requests
and their responses



Receiving push notifications via Netilion Webhooks

<center>Netilion System Status</center>

Netilion System Status

Status of the Netilion systems
for the past 90 days